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remit +‎ -ance





remittance (countable and uncountable, plural remittances)

  1. The act of sending money to someone.
    remittance advicea letter informing that an invoice has been paid
  2. Money which is sent to someone, typically to someone in another country.
  3. Money sent by a foreign worker back to their home country.
    • 2016, Zadie Smith, Swing Time, New York, N.Y.: Penguin Press, →ISBN, page 203:
      It had been built on remittances, Lamin told me, sent back by a local young man who had been doing well, driving a cab in Amsterdam, until his luck changed and the money abruptly stopped.

Usage notes

  • Nowadays the last sense is the most common.
  • Not to be confused with remittence (a temporary abatement of symptoms).

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