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re- +‎ perforator


reperforator (plural reperforators)

  1. (telecommunications) A device for punching a duplicate perforated paper tape of incoming messages for later retransmission.
    • 1958, Electronic Industries Association Engineering Dept., Proceedings of the EIA Conference on Automation Systems for Business and Industry, page 88:
      If an error is indicated the reperforator deletes the errored line from the tape and signals the transmitter to repeat the line of data.
    • 1960, Ehrhard A. Rossberg; Helmut E. Korta, Teleprinter Switching‎, page 217:
      The reperforator punches the routing indicator, along with the message body, into a tape
    • 2005, John Robert Ferris, Intelligence and Strategy: Selected Essays‎, page 176:
      Creed's, earlier a world leader in teletype and reperforator equipment, could not or would not manage the transition to manufacture the tape punches