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re- +‎ sip


resip (third-person singular simple present resips, present participle resipping, simple past and past participle resipped)

  1. To sip again.
    • 1984, Jagannātha Dīkṣita Cipol̲aṇakara, ‎H. G. Ranade, Brahmatva-mañjarī, page 13:
      According to the Bhāșyakāra he is supposed to resip the water with 'satyena tvā' etc. and touch his navel part with 'amo asi' etc.
    • 2009 November 13, Bi!!, “TN: 1989 Bordeaux at Mortons”, in, Usenet:
      It was pretty good then, but resipped towards the end of the night it was showing especially well, and made it to #3 in my voting for WOTN.
    • 2013, Adam Roberts, I, Soddit: The Autobiography, →ISBN:
      Slowly, as I sipped and resipped and re-resipped, the amount of coffee in my cup reduced and the amount of coffee in my stomach increased.