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Alternative forms[edit]


From responsibilize +‎ -ation.


responsibilization (usually uncountable, plural responsibilizations)

  1. (sociology) The transfer of responsibility from higher authorities to communities or individuals who are then called on to take an active role in resolving their own problems.
    • 2001, Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Punishment in Disguise, →ISBN:
      Responsibilization strategies involve a series of new techniques and methods "whereby the state seeks to bring about action on the part of private agencies and individuals - either by stimulating new forms of behaviour or by stopping established habits" (emphasis in the original).
    • 2003, Richard Victor Ericson & Aaron Doyle, Risk and Morality, →ISBN, page 189:
      While responsibilization has become closely associated with neo-liberalism, with its inducement that individuals become entrepreneurs, it should be noted that responsibilization played a significant role in other historical periods.
    • 2015, Wendy Brown, Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism's Stealth Revolution, →ISBN, page 134:
      Responsibilization is not an inherent entailment of devolution; there are decidedly more empowering and more democratic potentials for devolved decision making.

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