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Compare French rétrocession. See retrocede.


retrocession (countable and uncountable, plural retrocessions)

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  1. The transfer of risk from one reinsurer to another.
  2. (law) The return of land, rights, etc. previously ceded.
  3. Metastasis of an eruption or tumour from the surface to the interior of the body.
  4. The act of retroceding; a going back.
    • 1878, The planisphere: and how to use it
      For example, suppose the Moon to be placed in 10° of any sign: suppose Saturn to pass over that spot and attain to the 15th degree of the same sign, and there become stationary; that his retrocession carries him back to the 8th degree, []

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retrocession c (singular definite retrocessionen, plural indefinite retrocessioner)

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