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rig out

  1. (idiomatic, transitive) to provide with equipment or gear
  2. (idiomatic, transitive) To dress; to clothe, especially in an odd or fanciful manner.
    • 1903, Kate Douglas Wiggin, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
      "Mr. Watson 's a splendid judge of washing, I guess. I don't approve of children being rigged out in fancy colors, but I 'll see what your aunt Jane thinks."
    • (Can we date this quote by L'Estrange and provide title, author's full name, and other details?)
      Jack was rigged out in his gold and silver lace.
    • 1932, Delos W. Lovelace, King Kong, published 1965, page 13:
      "When you're fed up, and rested, and all rigged out, you'll be just the type I want."
  3. (idiomatic, transitive) to expel the holder of an office or other position by means of rigging the election.