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From ring +‎ -craft.


ringcraft (uncountable)

  1. (boxing) Tactical skill and positioning in the boxing ring.
    • 1922, James Joyce, Ulysses Episode 12, The Cyclops
      Handicapped as he was by lack of poundage, Dublin's pet lamb made up for it by superlative skill in ringcraft.
    • 2007, The Independent, James Lawton: Hatton is open about his failings as the door...[1]
      They said that Hatton lacked authority in his jab and his ringcraft but they never cast a shadow over his fighting heart.
    • 2010, Gareth A Davies, The Telegraph online version (blog); December 14 2010 Amir Khan v Marcos Maidana: Fight of the year ?
      Khan moved to 24-1 with this victory – Maidana to 29-2 – and showed the edge in speed and ringcraft. But Maidana, a wall of stone with a granite chin, barely took a backward step.
  2. (dog training) The skills necessary to compete in a dog show.
    • 2008, John O'Groat Journal november 5 2008, Going for gold at Caithness Canine Club[2]
      The club gives what support it can when asked by local organisations, hosting dog events and fundraising events. Classes are held in obedience and agility on a weekly basis and ringcraft classes are held intermittently.