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Alternative forms[edit]


river +‎ way


riverway (plural riverways)

  1. The segment of a river or route on a river which is traversed by watercraft.
    • 1886, Amelia E. Barr, The Bow of Orange Ribbon, ch. 3:
      "That is the boat of Captain Hyde. What comes he this way for?"
      "The river way is free to all, Joanna."
    • 1921, Basil King, The Empty Sack, ch. 25:
      Manhattan was a line of constellations, the riverway a gulf of darkness in which were scattered stars.
    • 1993 July 17, Rupert Cornwell, "Defences crumble as mighty rivers merge," Independent (UK) (retrieved 19 Jan 2014):
      Barge traffic on the country's most important commercial riverway is completely paralysed.
    • 2007 Feb. 23, Stephen Regenold, "Deep Inside the Yucatán," New York Times (retrieved 19 Jan 2014):
      An advanced Mesoamerican civilization of temples, pyramids, ball courts and paved roads sprouted and grew not near a seaport or on a riverway, but deep inland at jungle oases.


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