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roadworthy +‎ -ness


roadworthiness (uncountable)

  1. The property of being roadworthy.
    • 1867 July, “Readhead v. Midland Railway Company”, in The Canada Law Journal, volume 3, page 187:
      [] I cannot but think that those learned judges had not present in their minds the idea that there existed in the case of carriers of passengers, any absolute warranty of road-worthiness.
    • 1880, Seymour Dwight Thompson, The Law of Carriers of Passengers: Illustrated by Leading Cases and Notes, page 151:
      And this broad obligation renders it unnecessary to import into the contract a special warranty of the roadworthiness of the vehicle; for if the goods are safely carried and redelivered, it would he immaterial whether the carriage was roadworthy or not []
    • 2013, Mahendra P. Singh, German Administrative Law: In Common Law Perspective, page 142:
      Similarly the state has been held liable for a wilful wrong advice given by a vehicles expert recognized by the state but working for a private body which certifies the roadworthiness of the vehicles.