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road +‎ -worthy


roadworthy (comparative more roadworthy, superlative most roadworthy)

  1. (automotive, road transport) Being able to be driven, or suitable for driving, on the open road.
    Coordinate term: unroadworthy
    • 1851, Thomas Carlyle, The French Revolution: A History:
      It was one of the rapidest Constitutions ever put together; made, some say in eight days, by Hérault Séchelles and others; probably a workmanlike, roadworthy Constitution enough; — on which point, however, we are, for some reasons, little called to form a judgment.
    • 1937 July 15, Maxwell Grant, “House of Silence”, in The Shadow:
      The coupe shrieked as it hit the curve, but Harry managed the twist with precision and the roadworthy car responded.


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