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From ROFL, Internet abbreviation for "rolling on the floor laughing".


roffle (third-person singular simple present roffles, present participle roffling, simple past and past participle roffled)

  1. (Internet slang) To laugh uproariously; to be greatly amused.
    • 2002, "Tim Byron", i dedicate this to the sheepsticks. (on newsgroup
      I roffled at this.
    • 2004, "Witchy", monday's show (on newsgroup
      Just finished roffling at today's 'oh lucky you'.....mirth aplenty!
    • 2006, "Gayle", Westboro Baptist Church (on newsgroup
      I wondered if someone watching might consider that a 'plan' and feel compelled to, well, build a fence. My own reaction was to roffle and say, "Now ain't that a woman".