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Alternative forms[edit]


rood-tree (countable and uncountable, plural rood-trees)

  1. The cross on which Jesus was crucified
    • 1631, John Weever, Ancient fvnerall monvments within the vnited monarchie of Great Britaine, Ireland, and the islands adiacent,: with the dissolued monasteries therein contained: their founders, and what eminent persons haue beene in the same interred. As also the death and bvriall of certaine of the bloud royall; the nobilitie and gentrie of these kingdomes entombed in forraine nations ...[1], London: Thomas Harper, page 569:
      Cryst who dyed for vs on the Rood tree, Sav the sowl of my Husbond, owr chyldren, and mee.
  2. A representation of the cross on which Jesus was crucified.