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a roselle plant.


Uncertain. Perhaps an alteration or misapprehension of French oseille denoting this plant,[1] specific use of oseille sorrel; perhaps compare also sorrel.[2]



roselle (countable and uncountable, plural roselles)

  1. Hibiscus sabdariffa, an edible flower in the hibiscus family used to make hibiscus tea.
    Synonyms: bissap, jamaica, (India) putwa, Guinea sorrel, red sorrel, sorrel
    I planted some roselle in the garden so I can start making my own hibiscus tea instead of relying on processed agua de jaimaica powders.
    • 1993, Y.P.S. Bajaj, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants V, page 218:
      Roselle has also been used as a source of plant fiber called roselle hemp.

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