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rotiferan (not comparable)

  1. Relating to the rotifers


rotiferan (plural rotiferans)

  1. Synonym of rotifer
    • 1995, F.D. Por, The Pantanal of Mato Grosso (Brazil): World's Largest Wetlands, →ISBN:
      A whole list of other rotiferans characterize the nutrient rich waters of the early winter dry season.
    • 2012, Marcelo Juanico, Inka Dor, Hypertrophic Reservoirs for Wastewater Storage and Reuse, →ISBN:
      Grazing activity of abundant populations of filter feeders such as the cladocerans Daphnia and Moina, and of Brachionus, Filinia and other herbivorous rotiferans, may considerably reduce the density of live and inert particles in the reservoir.
    • 2014, Pandey, B.D., Zoology At A Glance, →ISBN, page 254:
      A protonephridium is a network of tubules that lack internal openings as is found in platyhelminths and rotiferans.