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rouseabout (plural rouseabouts)

  1. (Australia) Alternative form of roustabout
    • 1872, "A Tour to the South" in Town & Country Journal, 31 August, 1872, pp. 272-3, [1]
      A wool store is adjacent to the shed; and a short distance away are the superintendents quarters; the shearers, and the “rouse-about” men’s huts.
    • 1894, Ivan Dexter, Talmud: A Strange Narrative of Central Australia, published in serial form in Port Adelaide News and Lefevre's Peninsula Advertiser (SA), Chapter XIV, [2]
      A rough coffin was made during the night and at the grave half-a-dozen of the line men with Strangway, Stanley, Talmud, the doctor and a couple of rouseabouts constituted the mourners.
    • 2013, Kerry Staight, "Loving restoration of history from the outback dust," ABC News, 14 July, 2013, [3]
      He was the general rouseabout for the town really. Whenever they needed a dirty job done Nat was on the list.