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route march (plural route marches)

  1. Alternative form of route-march
    • 1999, David Sherman, Dan Cragg, Starfist: School of Fire, →ISBN, page 153:
      Well, there was route march, and then there was route march. As practiced by good soldiers, such as the fighters of the Che Loi Brigade, it was a spread-out formation in which one burst from a gun could not hit more than a few men, one small chemical-reaction explosive couldn't take down more than one or two.
    • 2000, Mark Lloyd -, London Scottish in the Great War, →ISBN, page 71:
      On 14 March the Battalion undertook a twenty-mile route march to Bouchon, and the following day a march of fourteen miles to Doullen.
    • 2014, James Gervois, Misplaced Expectations, →ISBN:
      He detested the man, always shouting at him and the other squaddies, always finding reasons to give them fatigues, an extra route march, another hour marching round the parade ground.



route march (third-person singular simple present route marches, present participle route marching, simple past and past participle route marched)

  1. Alternative form of route-march