rug rat

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Alternative forms[edit]


Unknown - presumably from crawling on the floor. Date: ca. 1975


rug rat (plural rug rats)

  1. (US, slang) usually a little child, up to the age of six years.
    • 2001, Candace Bushnell, Four Blondes, Grove Press, page 243,
      "Now listen, you little rug rat," I said threateningly, "I'm going to wash your hair and that is it. Get it?"
    • 2007, Kgcummings, Welcome... With Wrath., Authorhouse, page 54
      "... We'll probably be getting a call some time tonight announcing the arrival of their new rug rat."
    • 2004, Jennifer Marshall, The Christie Legacy, Trafford Publishing, page 589
      "Anna? You've had another rug rat?".