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run-around (plural run-arounds)

  1. Alternative form of runaround
    • 1977, The Federal Reporter, page 211:
      The Board points to Driver Supervisor Wade Seal's testimony that a dispatcher was not doing his job right when he deliberately ran around a driver (Tr. 1414(2)) and the portion of Booe's testimony where Booe obviously wished to avoid stating that the company had a policy of permitting deliberate run-arounds.
    • 2013, A.E. Cawkell, Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Information Technology and Systems:
      Use run-arounds to fill the white space around irrigularly shared artwork.
    • 2013, Natalie Canavor, Business Writing For Dummies, →ISBN, page 26:
      They like phone calls but resent telephone run-arounds and response delays.
  2. A small car for making short trips.
    We have big people-carrier, and also a little run-around for popping to the shops.
    • 2010, Mario Reading -, The Mayan Codex, →ISBN:
      The car had captured his attention even then, as It had seemed so out of place in a street full of Peugeots, and Renaults, and six-seater Fiat run-arounds.
    • 2014, Cathy Williams, A Tempestuous Temptation, →ISBN:
      She followed him to his fancy car, incongruous between the battered, old run-arounds on either side, and made another inarticulate noise as he beeped it open.
    • 2016, Liz Nugent, Lying In Wait, →ISBN, page 134:
      We got a shockingly low price for it and bought a small tin-can run-around.