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rural +‎ -ism


ruralism (countable and uncountable, plural ruralisms)

  1. Advocacy of rural life instead of urbanism or city living.
    • 1998, Nels Anderson, Raffaele Rauty, “Urbanism as a way of life”, in On hobos and homelessness[1], →ISBN, page 277:
      Ruralism conserves its isolation,...
    • 2001, Mathew Humphrey, chapter 1, in Political theory and the environment: a reassessment[2], →ISBN, page 24:
      ...'By "ruralism" I mean the glorification of country life, and a dissatisfaction with urbanism...
  2. Rural living.
    • 1894, Mrs. Humphry Ward, Marcella[3]:
      Here, for the first time, had Marcella been brought face to face with the agricultural world as it is--no stage ruralism, but the bare fact in one of its most pitiful aspects.
    • 1975, Scott Nearing, Civilization and Beyond[4]:
      At the end of the cycle Roman culture was turning its back upon ruralism and moving into a culture that was to be chiefly urban during an entire millennium.
  3. The state or quality of being rustic.
    • 1994 April 8, Peter Margasak, “Kahil El'Zabar, Malachi Favors, Billy Bang”, in Chicago Reader[5]:
      The beautifully hypnotic patterns that have become an earmark, of the Ritual Trio are well suited to Bang's varied solo flights; on the album's affecting "Pedro," Bang's rough violin scrapes convey a backwoodsy ruralism, recalling the rootsy fiddle playing of southern prewar black string bands, while the title track with its propulsive near-swing finds him putting out a wild, Ornette-ish sound splash.
    • 2007 September 8, David Hajdu, “Tenor of the Times”, in New York Times[6]:
      He had a robust earthiness that signified authenticity, especially to Americans of the postwar era who prized ruralism and took vernacular artists to be truer, more legitimate, than trained urban professionals.
  4. (countable) A rural idiom or expression.


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Borrowed from French ruralisme.


ruralism n (plural ruralisme)

  1. rurality