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Latin rūricola[1] + English -ist



ruricolist (plural ruricolists)

  1. (rare, obsolete) A country dweller.
    • 1841, Anonymous, The Life and Times of Dick Whittington: An Historical Romance [1], page 54:
      His appearance did not bespeak the ruricolist, and Dick, who at once detected this, set him down for a London burgess.
    • a1860, apparently James Hutchinson, advertisement in Dublin News, quoted in Charles C. Bombaugh, Gleanings from the harvest-fields of literature, science and art : a melange of excerpta, curious, humorous, and instructive, T. N. Kurtz (1860), page 148,
      TO BE LET,
      To an Oppidan, a Ruricolist, or a Cosmpolitan, and may be entered upon immediately:
      The House in Stone Row, lately possessed by Capt. Siree.
    • 1884, Arthur F. Leach, "Local Government", in National Association for the Promotion of Social Science (Great Britain), Transactions of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science, John W. Parker (1885), page 110,
      But the agricultural laborer and the unagricultural ruricolist can no longer be ignored.

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