rusty trombone

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In reference to the hand-mouth coordination and motions required while playing the trombone, and the rust-color of fecal matter.


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rusty trombone (plural rusty trombones)

  1. (slang, vulgar) The act of simultaneously performing anilingus and masturbating the penis.
    • 2003, United States. Federal Communications Commission, FCC record, volume 18, number 10:
      The “RustyTrombone" you know that I think that is the oldest of all these sickening things uh, 'cause I heard that one years and years and years ago.
    • 2008, Don Haynes, ‎Lee Gerst, D.N.R.-The Best Show That Will Never Be on Television, page 106:
      What I did to your mom last night. I think is called a rusty trombone or maybe it's a cherry cheese danish.
    • 2010, Justin Heimberg, ‎David Gomberg, The Big Book: Over 1,500 Absolutely Absurd Dilemmas to Ponder, page 134:
      Would you rather live in a world where [] regardless of where you went to sleep, every morning you always wake up naked and spooning a complete stranger OR once a month a siren randomly goes off and you are required to give a “rusty trombone” to the person standing nearest to you?
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