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Alternative forms[edit]


Derived, with vowel lengthening, from *sekt, a parallel form of dialectal verb sikt, standard sīkt ‎(to decrease (water, river)) (q.v.), whence also sekls ‎(shallow) (q.v.). The additional l follows the pattern of verb degt ‎(to burn (intr.)), noun deglis ‎(wick, burner, detonating fuse), dialectal dēglis.[1]


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sēklis m (2nd declension)

  1. shallow place, shallow, ford, sandbank, shoals (place in a body of water which is shallower than its surroundings)
    smilšu sēklissandbank
    akmeņains sēklis — rocky shoals
    koraļļu sēklis — coral cay
    kontinenta sēklis — continental shelf
    zvejot sēkļos — to fish in a shallow
    uzbraukt sēklim, uz sēkļa — to run aground (lit. on(to) a shallow)
    būt uz sēkļa — to be in a difficult situation (lit. to be on a shallow, to be stranded, shipwrecked)


Related terms[edit]


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