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Derived from *sekt, a parallel form of dialectal verb sikt, standard sīkt (to decrease (water, river)) (q.v.). The additional l follows the pattern of adjective tukls (stout, chubby), dialectal verb tukt (become sickly fat (of chicken)). Cognates include Lithuanian seklùs, dialectal sẽklas.[1]


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sekls (def. seklais, comp. seklāks, sup. visseklākais; adv. sekli)

  1. (of water, holes, etc.; also objects, containers) shallow (having little depth)
    sekla vieta ezerāshallow place in a lake
    sekla peļķeshallow puddle
    sekla upeshallow river
    sekls grāvisshallow ditch
    seklais šķīvisshallow plate
    sekla bļodashallow bowl
    brūces izrādījās seklasthe wounds turned out to be shallow
    seklā kūtsshallow barn (without a manure storage space)
  2. shallow (located, moving, penetrating not far from the surface of something)
    sekls urbumsshallow (bore)hole, well, perforation
    koki ar seklu sakņu sistēmatrees with a shallow root system
  3. (of breath, breathing) shallow (involving relatively little air)
    elpošana kļūst sekla, ja ilgi strādā sēdot'breathing becomes shallow' if one works sitting for a long time
  4. shallow (having no deeper content or feeling, not addressing the essence, superficial)
    sekls spriedumsshallow judgment
    seklas izpriecas, jūtasshallow pleasures, feelings
    sekla lugashallow (theater) play



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