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saccharine +‎ -ity


saccharinity (countable and uncountable, plural saccharinities)

  1. The quality of being saccharine: (extreme or excessive) sweetness (literal and figurative senses).
    • 1844, The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland, Dublin: A. Fullarton, Volume 3, Introduction, p. lxvii,[1]
      [Potatoes] are raised with studious attention to prolific varieties, but with surpassingly little regard to either farina, saccharinity, or flavour; and they hence consist, to an enormous proportion, of a watery and nauseous variety called the lumper []
    • 1857, “The Art of Poultry Keeping, Considered from an Aldermanic point of view,” Punch, Volume 32, 7 February, 1857, p. 60,[2]
      No fair exhibitress ever should persuade us that her Dorkings were “sweet things” until we had eaten a slice to prove their saccharinity []
    • 1919, Lewis R. Freeman, Sea-Hounds, New York: Dodd, Mead, Chapter 2, p. 48,[3]
      I took advantage of the interval to hand him one of those most loved lollipops of Yankee youngsterhood, a plump, hard ball of toothsome saccharinity called—obviously from its resistant resiliency—an “All-Day Sucker.”
    • 1936, William Faulkner, Absalom, Absalom!, New York: Modern Library, 1951, Chapter 4, p. 104,[4]
      [] even an undefined and never-spoken engagement survived, speaking well for the postulation that they did love one another, since during that two days mere romance would have perished, died of sheer saccharinity and opportunity.