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Alternative forms[edit]


From same-blooded +‎ -ness.


same-bloodedness (uncountable)

  1. The state or condition of being same-blooded; consanguinity; homogeneity.
    • 2009, Paul Cartledge, Ancient Greece: A History in Eleven Cities:
      At any rate, this does tend to put in truer perspective the symbolic claim placed by Herodotus in the mouth of 'the Athenians'—also Ionians—in 480/479, that the fact of being Greek was constituted in essential part by 'same-bloodedness'.
    • 2010, Petre Pan, The How Not To Blog: The Economic Testing Ground:
      Even the style bears similarity, and, as Shin explains, both appealed to the 'same bloodedness' of the Korean people.
    • 2012, Sanja Bahun, Dušan Radunović, Language Ideology and the Human New Interventions:
      The idea that the Bible develops the same logic of the political privilege given to the natives as compared with the strangers, the Greek theme of the suggegenia, the samebloodedness, as a necessary condition for the equality in the de'mos, [...]