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A sand dollar, Mellita quinquiesperforata
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sand dollar (plural sand dollars)

  1. Any echinoderm of the order Clypeasteroida, having a flat, disk-shaped body with the mouth in a mid-ventral position, and living in sand, on or near the surface.
    • 1987, John M. Lawrence, chapter I, in A Functional Biology of Echinoderms[1], page 75:
      In the sand dollars, the arrangement of the food grooves and consequently the lateral water vessels and their accessory tube feet is more complex (Phelan 1977).
    • 2000, Sandra Alters, chapter I, in Biology: Understanding Life[2], page 692:
      Adult echinoderms have a five-part body plan corresponding to the arms of a sea star or the design on the "shell" of a sand dollar.
    • 2001, Jennifer Hahn, Spirited Waters: Soloing South Through the Inside Passage, published 2009, page 135:
      If you look carefully, a sand dollar is merely a sea urchin in flattened form.