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From sand +‎ belt.


sandbelt (plural sandbelts)

  1. A dunal ridge.
    • 1874 December 28, Frank Oates, C. G. Oates (editor), Matabeleland and the Victoria Falls: The Letters and Journals of Frank Oates, page 189,
      The others missed the water, and I rejoined them in the long sandbelt, which extended beyond where we halted.
    • 1974, Anthony Sillery, Botswana: A Short Political History, page 5:
      The western side of the region is the Kgalagadi desert, an expanse of undulating sandbelts and limestone outcrops, with a cover of grass and thorn scrub.
    • 1992, John Stanley Beard, The Proteas of Tropical Africa[1], page 18:
      It will be observed from the map that the sandbelt occupies the western side of southern Africa which has been relatively tectonically inert, unaffected by the rift valley system, uplifted and locally warped but in general remaining flat and undissected.
  2. (golf, Australia) An area developed from sand dunes; the region in Victoria is a well-known example.
    • 2009, Paul Daley, Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective[2], volume 5, page 29:
      It[Yarram Golf Club] is a true sandbelt golf course, where the fairways offer beautiful lies — good enough to tempt you with a driver.
    • 2009 February 10, Mark Hayes, “School out as 12-year-old takes on Karrie Webb”, in Herald Sun[3]:
      Pitt said Golf Australia hoped to return the Open to one of the traditional sandbelt courses in 2010, the last of a minimum three-year deal to play the event in Melbourne.
    • 2011, John Hunt, Princess: The Miss Andretti Story[4], page 226:
      Located in the district of Rye, on the Mornington Peninsula, the property (named Markdel in tribute to Freedman′s oldest brother Mark and mother Del) was a little over an hour′s drive out of Melbourne and lay in the famous golf course sandbelt region of Victoria. [] While perfect for golf, the sandbelt was also exceptional for the training of racehorses, [] .