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Alternative forms[edit]


From satis (enough) +‎ -ne.



satisne (not comparable)

  1. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see satis,‎ -ne. introducing questions
    Roget satisne tempori opera sient confecta.Let him ask whether the works were done timely enough.
    • 2008, T. P. Wiseman, Remembering the Roman People : Essays on Late-Republican, pages 107-108
      By April Cicero was back in the city, and wondering whether to accept Varro's invitation to Cumae:
      etsi uide, quaeso, satisne rectum sit nos hoc tanto incendio ciuitatis in istis locis esse; ...
      But pray ask yourself whether it is quite proper for us to be down there at such a time of national convulsion.