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saw-toothed (not comparable)

  1. Having a jagged edge like a saw.
    • 1625, Samuel Purchas, Purchas his Pilgrimes, London: Henry Fetherstone, Volume I, Book 2, Chapter 5, p. 79,[1]
      But afterwards three of their Companie were slaine, who in seeking food for life, found death at the hand of naked Sauages, whose weapons were Saw-toothed Darts, which if they entred, must be cut out of the flesh.
    • 1857, Charles Kingsley, Two Years Ago, Cambridge: Macmillan, Volume 3, Chapter 5, p. 135,[2]
      [] everywhere between the poplar stems the saw-toothed outline of the western forts cuts the blue sky.
    • 1929, Dashiell Hammett, The Dain Curse, New York: Vintage, 1972, Chapter 17, p. 149,[]
      Craning our necks, we could see that what we had taken for the shore-line on that side was actually a high, thin, saw-toothed ledge of rock []
    • 1982, Bernard Malamud, God’s Grace, New York: Avon, 1983, “The Flood,” p. 31,[3]
      Hours later, having brought in the yellow raft laden with supplies to the green shore, then hidden them in the saw-toothed tall grass, an exhausted Cohn followed Buz into the forest.