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scæne (plural scænes)

  1. Archaic spelling of scene.
    • 1926: John Young Walker MacAlister, Alfred William Pollard, Ronald Brunlees McKerrow, the Library Association, Frank Chalton Francis, the Bibliographical Society of Great Britain, and Project Muse, The Library, page 152 (Oxford University Press)
      [Here Should : Be A Scæne of the Solemnitye of Pænius his ffunerall : mournd by Caracticus :]
      Here should A Scæne · be betwene Iunius, & Petillius : (Iunius mocking Petillius for being in loue wth Bonducas Daughter that Killd her selfe : to them : Enterd Suetonius : (blameing Petillius for the []
    • 1963: Ben Jonson, Charles Harold Herford, Percy Simpson, and Evelyn Mary Spearing Simpson, Ben Jonson, pages 110{1}, 111{2}, and 112{3} (Clarendon Press)
      {1} Scæne 4.
      Enter the sewer, passe by with seruice againe, the seruing- []
      {2} Valen. O sea sicke Iest, and full of the scuruie.
      Scæne 5.
      {3} [] come on you precious rascall, sir.
      Valentine. He giue you a health I faith; for the heauens you mad Capriccio, hold hooke and line.
      Scæne 6.
      Enter Lord Paulo Ferneze, his boy following him.
      Pau. Boy.