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For *scabnum, from Proto-Italic *skaβnom, from Proto-Indo-European *skabʰ-no-m, from *skabʰ- (to hold up, support). Cognate with Sanskrit स्कम्भ (skambhá, prop, support, pillar).[1]


scamnum n (genitive scamnī); second declension

  1. stool, step, bench
  2. ridge (of earth formed by ploughing)
  3. breadth of a field


Second-declension noun (neuter).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative scamnum scamna
Genitive scamnī scamnōrum
Dative scamnō scamnīs
Accusative scamnum scamna
Ablative scamnō scamnīs
Vocative scamnum scamna

Derived terms[edit]



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