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Alternative forms[edit]


According to A Dictionary of Hiberno-English[1]:

"Much of the influence comes from London where the origins of the word 'skanger' can be found. I'm pretty certain this is a collapsed form of the word "scavenger" from a West Indian word used by the Caribbean community in London."[2]

Dolan's dictionary gives the West Indian slang word "skanker", meaning an untrustworthy or unreliable person, as a possible source of the word.

Originally, in 1980s Dublin, it referred only to women but has become broadened to men in recent years.


scanger (plural scangers)

  1. (Dublin, Ireland, derogatory) A person who is associated with petty criminality and who is seen as strongly identified with brand names in music, clothing, sport, vehicles, and so forth.

Alternative forms[edit]

  • skanger



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