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Alternative forms[edit]


By genericization of Scantron (from scan +‎ -tron), a manufacturer and brand name of the devices.


scantron (plural scantrons)

  1. (education) A device used to scan prepared forms used for multiple-choice and true-or-false testing.
    • 1989, Bureau of National Affairs, Labor Arbitration Reports[1], volume 91, page 897:
      The Grievant, however, insisted on using the scantron himself.
  2. (education) The prepared forms used in such devices.
    • 2008, Audrey Denise BowserTransforming Teacher Education to Support Multicultural Technology Pedagogy, PhD Dissertation, Iowa State University, page 66,
      Additionally, a scantron bubble sheet and a statement of informed consent were given to students for review and a signature was required before the survey was administered.
    • 2008, College Blue Book: Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants, and Loans, 36th Edition, Volume 5, page 277,
      Applicants must submit a completed application form together with the scantron sheet; cover sheet; student activity and community activity sheets; personal essay; and a copy of unofficial transcript (signed by the counselor).
    • 2010, Bill Golembeski, The English Setter Dance[2], page 29:
      According to Jenny's story, everything each of us does, every decision made during each day, is indelibly marked on a lifetime scantron sheet in Heaven. (This, of course, made sense because it was very similar to the scantron sheets we filled out every day in school.)

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