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From Latin *scepticus, only in plural Sceptici(the sect of Skeptics), from Ancient Greek σκεπτικός(skeptikós, thoughtful, inquiring), from σκέπτομαι(sképtomai, I consider), compare to σκοπέω(skopéō, I view, examine).


scepticism (countable and uncountable, plural scepticisms)

  1. (British) Alternative spelling of skepticism
    • Thomas Carlyle
      When, across the hundredfold poor scepticisms, trivialisms and constitutional cobwebberies of Dryasdust, you catch any glimpse of a William the Conqueror, a Tancred of Hauteville or suchlike, — do you not discern veritably some rude outline of a true God-made King [] ?