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From Latin scalpere, with suffix +‎ -yî.




  1. (transitive, the itching person being the direct complement) to itch (transitive or intransitive)
    Ça m' schôpeye tocosté.
    I am itching all over.
    Ça vs schôpeye ?
    Does it itch ?
    Dj' a m' dos ki m' schôpeye.
    My back itches.
  2. (pronominal) to scratch (an itching place)
    Mi tchet a des pouces; i s' schôpeye
    My cat has fleas; it scratches.
  3. (figurative, familiar, transitive, the desiring person being the direct complement) to itch, to desire
    Ça m' schôpyive di lyi dire cwè, mins dji n' a oizou.
    I was itching to tell him (her) about that, but I did not dare.
  4. (figurative, familiar, transitive) to pinch, to swipe, to nick
    I m' ont schôpyî m' bele nouve monte.
    I had my nice new watch pinched.

Derived terms[edit]