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From Yiddish שלעפּן (shlepn, to drag); from High German schleppen (to drag).



schlepper (plural schleppers)

  1. A servant who carries things; a porter.
    Tell the schlepper to take it up to your hotel room.
  2. (derogatory) One who wanders aimlessly.
    I can't interest the little schlepper in doing his homework.
  3. (derogatory) Any manual laborer, or other lowly employee.
    He's just a schlepper!

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  • 1999: Woody Allen adored the scene, and sent up the figure in both film (“Love and Death”) and fiction: in a piece called “Death Knocks,” the Grim Reaper reappears for a game of gin rummy with a schlepperThe New Yorker, 13 May 1999