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science center (plural science centers)

  1. An organization, location, or virtual location where science is done or exhibited, either professionally or educationally.
    • 1991 December, G. Keizer; D. M. Kennedy, “Class acts”, in Omni, volume 14, number 3, page 42:
      Founded in 1967 as a private, nonprofit science center, Talcott attracts thousands of students from the region to its daylong and weekend sessions to supplement their regular science curriculum
    • 2000 July/August, Edward E Gordon, “Help wanted: Creating tomorrow's work force”, in Futurist, volume 34, number 4, page 48:
      Intel's hands-on science centers were so successful with students that the New Mexico State Department of Education adopted them as a model for schools.
    • 2001 September 1, “Skills: Which wheel should you draft?”, in Bicycling, volume 42, number 9, page 24:
      Gatorade Sports Science institute(R) Committed to providing information in exercise science and sports nutrition. Visit the sports science center at for practical training information
    • 2001 April 18, Ross Atkin, “Back on track”, in Christian Science Monitor:
      Take Washington D.C.'s much-heralded makeover of Union Station, for example. Or in the Midwest, where adaptive reuse has driven lavish restorations of big stations in St. Louis, now primarily a marketplace, and in Kansas City, where a science center is the main tenant.


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