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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Irish scol, scoil, from Latin schola, from Ancient Greek σχολή ‎(skholḗ).


scoill f ‎(genitive singular scoill, plural scoillyn)

  1. school
    Cre'n scoill hie oo hug?‎ ― What school were you at?
    Hayrn eh ooashley er e hene ec y scoill.‎ ― He distinguished himself at school.
    Hooar eh y clat 'sy scoill.‎ ― He got the cane in school.
  2. schooling, learning, education
    Cha nel monney scoill aym.‎ ― I haven't much learning.
    Cha row eh ec y scoill monney.‎ ― He hasn't much education.
    Cha row monney scoill oc ayns ny laghyn shen.‎ ― They hadn't much schooling in those days.

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]

  • scoillar m ‎(pupil; academic, scholar)