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From score off (verb).


score-off (plural score-offs)

  1. (rare) The action or result of scoring off someone (a rebuttal, a point won).
    • 1930, Wyndham Lewis, The Apes of God, p. 354:
      There were a thousand and one gems of café-chatter, of tit-for-tattle – of score-offs and well-rubbed-ins.
    • 1955, Oireachtas [Irish Parliament], Díosbóireachtaí párlaiminte: tuairisc oifigiúil [Parliamentary debates: official report], volume 150, p. 294:
      [...] – the Minister should come in here and use the occasion of the making of his statement on such an important matter as the Estimate for his Department as a political score-off on his opponents.