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screw-off (plural screw-offs)

  1. (Canada, US, slang) Someone who often fails to do his or her work; someone known to goof off.
    • 1997, Robert W. Snyder, Transit talk: New York's bus and subway workers tell their stories, page 137:
      You know, when a guy is a screw-off you got to discipline him.
    • 1988, Ann Edwards Cannon, Cal Cameron by day, Spider-man by night, page 98:
      I've always considered that a polite way of telling a parent that her child is a screw-off, a goofball of major talent.


screw-off (not comparable)

  1. Able to be removed by unscrewing.
    • 2009, Ed McCarthy, California Wine For Dummies‎, page 14:
      These were easy wines for everyday life, with screw-off caps so that you could pour two glasses and then close up the bottle for the next day.