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Alternative forms[edit]


Compare scrag, or Scottish Gaelic sgrogag (anything shriveled), from sgrag (to compress, shrivel).



scrog (countable and uncountable, plural scrogs)

  1. A stunted or shrivelled bush.
  2. Brushwood.
  3. (heraldry, countable) The branch of a tree, especially one used as a charge in Scottish heraldry.
    • 1680, George Mackenzie, Observations Upon the Laws and Customs of Nations, as to Precedency, page 59:
      Argent, a Palm-tree growing out of a Mount in base proper, surmounted of S. Andrews-cross Gules, on a chiet azur [...]. Azur, a Cheveron Or, betwixt two Scrogs or starved branches in chief, and a mans heart in base argent.
  4. (Scotland, countable) The crab-apple tree.
  5. (dialect) A blackthorn.