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Diminutive from scrūpus (rough or sharp stone; anxiety) +‎ -ulus.



scrūpulus m (genitive scrūpulī); second declension

  1. A small sharp or pointed stone.
  2. The twenty-fourth part of an ounce. (clarification of this definition is needed)
  3. (figuratively) Anxiety, uneasiness, solicitude, difficulty, doubt, scruple.


Second-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative scrūpulus scrūpulī
Genitive scrūpulī scrūpulōrum
Dative scrūpulō scrūpulīs
Accusative scrūpulum scrūpulōs
Ablative scrūpulō scrūpulīs
Vocative scrūpule scrūpulī


Derived terms[edit]

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    • to relieve a man of his scruple: scrupulum ex animo alicuius evellere (Rosc. Am. 2. 6)
    • one thing still makes me hesitate: unus mihi restat scrupulus (Ter. Andr. 5. 4. 37) (cf. too religio, sect. XI. 2)