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Latin numbers (edit)
 ←  15 XVI
17  → 
    Cardinal: sēdecim
    Ordinal: sextusdecimus, sextus decimus
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Alternative forms[edit]

  • Symbol: XVI


From sex (six) + decem (ten).



sēdecim (indeclinable)

  1. sixteen; 16
    • c. 100 CE – 110 CE, Tacitus, Histories 3.2:
      nunc sedecim alarum coniuncta signa pulsu sonituque et nube ipsa operient ac superfundent oblitos proeliorum equites equosque
      Now the united standards of sixteen squadrons will bury and overwhelm with the crash and din and storm of their onset these horses and horsemen that have forgotten how to fight.
    • 405 CE, Jerome, Vulgate Genesis.46.18:
      hii filii Zelphae quam dedit Laban Liae filiae suae et hos genuit Iacob sedecim animas
      These are the sons of Zilpah, whom Laban gave to Leah his daughter, and these she bare unto Jacob, even sixteen souls.

Derived terms[edit]


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