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Alternative forms[edit]


seduce +‎ -ee


seducee (plural seducees)

  1. One who is seduced.
    • 1984, Quentin Crisp and John Hofsess, Manners from Heaven: A Divine Guide to Good Behaviour, New York: Perennial Library, 1986, Chapter 6, pp. 65-66,[1]
      First we must address the issue of seduction [] ; we must ask what constitutes good manners for a seducer, and what constitutes good manners for a seducee (willing or unwilling).
    • 2012, Ian Leslie, “Too much testosterone, too much confidence: the psychology of banking,” The Guardian, 30 June, 2012,[2]
      The parties appear to take a certain pleasure in playing their allotted roles: seducer and faux-reluctant seducee.