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see in (third-person singular simple present sees in, present participle seeing in, simple past saw in, past participle seen in)

  1. To show (someone) in: to introduce (someone) to the inside of a place.
    • 2006, Robert L. Worley, A Question of Respect: The First of Three Novels of the War of 1812, Infinity Publishing, →ISBN, page 61:
      There was a quick knock at the door. His secretary, Edward Coles, announced, “President Madison, sir, Mr. Erskine is here to see you.”
      “Please see him in, Mr. Coles. Thank you.” Madison pushed his chair back in and moved around his desk to greet Erskine.
      Coles held open the office door as the British envoy entered the room. []
  2. To welcome (an occurrence).
    They saw in the New Year with dancing and fireworks.

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