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seigneur +‎ -ial


seigneurial (comparative more seigneurial, superlative most seigneurial)

  1. of or relating to a seigneur
    • 1724-1759, William Wood, The Father of British Canada= A Chronicle of Carleton[1]:
      In April 1768 Carleton had proposed the restoration of the seigneurial militia system.
  2. befitting a seigneur
    • 1873, Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev, Liza[2]:
      She would chat for hours, without thinking anything of it, with the chief of the village on her mother's estate, when he happened to come into town, and talk with him as if he were her equal, without any signs of seigneurial condescension.
    • 1918, John Masefield, The Old Front Line[3]:
      It had a church, just at the junction of the roads, and a fine seigneurial chateau, in a garden, beside the church; otherwise it was a little lonely mean place, built of brick and plaster on a great lonely heap of chalk downland.

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seigneurial (feminine singular seigneuriale, masculine plural seigneuriaux, feminine plural seigneuriales)

  1. seigneurial

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