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self +‎ abasement


self-abasement (plural self-abasements)

  1. the debasement of oneself
    • year unknown, Dr. Ian Traill, The Pearl of Great Worth!: “The Vibe”, Traillblazer Bookshop ↑ISBN, page 105
      Self-abasement is a state of excessive, unwarranted humility[sic] self-inflicted humiliation and degradation.
    • 2016, Jan Willem Duyvendak, Peter Geschiere, Evelien Tonkens, The Culturalization of Citizenship: Belonging and Polarization in a Globalizing World, Springer ↑ISBN, page 54
      This self-abasement is a widespread characteristic in Holland. Especially in the company of foreigners the Dutch tend to run their country down. By pretending to be less than they know they are, they prevent being belittled by other people.
    • 1991, Norman A. Polansky, Integrated Ego Psychology, Transaction Publishers ↑ISBN, page 49
      Self-abasement is a process whereby through criticizing, blaming, or otherwise derogating the self, the individual seeks to allay anxiety.