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Alternative forms[edit]


From self (own, proper) +‎ name.


selfname (plural selfnames)

  1. A proper name; a name for one's own self, as opposed to one's family; one's real name.
    • 2000, Diane Duane, My Enemy, My Ally:
      "Oh, Elements," she finally managed to say, sitting back against the seat cushion of the pilot's chair, "is that truly your selfname?" "James, actually."
    • 2000, Joan Slonczewski, A Door Into Ocean:
      But first of all came Lystra with her selfname.
  2. A name given to oneself; a self-denomination; self-appellation.
    • 2005, Zygmunt Frajzyngier, Eric Johnston, A Grammar of Mina:
      Mina is the selfname of the language referred to in the literature as Hina or Besleri.
  3. An autonym.
    • 2009, Nicolas Tranter, The Languages of Japan and Korea:
      In the past, the Ainu (their selfname meaning 'person'), traditionally huntergatherers, occupied not only Hokkaido but also a considerable part of the island of Honshu until the middle the eighteenth century, [...]