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Alternative forms[edit]


semi-tractor (plural semi-tractors)

  1. The tractor component of a semi-trailer truck or articulated lorry.
    • 1999, Chester Peterson, Rod Beemer, Inside John Deere: A Factory History, page 93,
      The fleet has 48 semi-tractors and 164 trailers that transport 110,000 tons of parts and supplies annually over 1 million miles of roads.
    • 2003, Michael E. Gray, Auto Upkeep: Basic Car Care, page 56,
      Some people think diesel fuel is only used in semi-tractors (Figure 9.3) or heavy equipment.
    • 2008, Raymond P. Siljander, Introduction to Business and Industrial Security and Loss Control, 2nd Edition, page 75,
      Security seal use applies when carrying merchandise in semi-truck trailers (highway trailers) pulled by semi-tractors and when railroad flatcars carry the trailers, the latter referred to as piggyback (piggybacking).

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