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set +‎ -hood


sethood ‎(uncountable)

  1. (mathematics) The state of being a set.
    • 1969, William Van Ormen Quine, Set Theory and Its Logic, ISBN 0674802071, page 302:
      In the first edition I relativized the sethood condition insufficiently, failing to restrict the bound variables to sets
    • 1990, John Bigelow and Robert Pargetter, Science and Necessity, ISBN 0521390273, page 368:
      In fact, this can be used as a necessary condition for sethood: a universal is a set only if any given thing instantiates it either in all possible worlds or in none.
    • 2006, Yiannis N. Moschovakis, Notes on Set Theory, ISBN 0387287221, page 111:
      Each of (II)–(VI) grants sethood to a specific, explicitly defined collection of objects, it legitimizes a special case of the most appealing (if false) General Comprehension Principle 3.3.